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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in mumbai

Dental Implant is the procedure of replacing the root portion of teeth with the pre-drilled socket in the jaw bone to support the upper teeth. A dental implant is a good option for getting the permanent solution to your teeth replacement problems. There is no special care needed after having this implant, it is the most preferred way of replacing the missing teeth. There are many features of dental implants that have attracted the customers like no special care needed other than normal brushing and flossing, looks completely natural, no age barriers, etc. Moreover, with these dental implants, there is no need of removing the tooth enamel from the surrounding teeth to lodge a bridge The dental practice for digital implants with flapless surgery gives the excellent results that are less painful. The flapless surgery is carried out with the help of digital navigation .

Dental Implant process

In Dental Implant surgery, the implant is placed without raising a flap that helps in minimizing the bleeding and swelling. Performing a perfect dental implant is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our trained Doctors at Sdent Dental Clinic are highly experienced and have successfully performed these operations