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Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

We have also expertise in Pediatric Dentistry. Kid’s dentistry is an important measure to take for their better growth. We all know that kids are so innocent and eat or drink anything at any time. It is our responsibility to give them proper dental care so that they can have the cavity free and healthy mouths. In kid’s dentistry, we guide the parents with good oral habits that are necessary for kids and provide the basic treatments for preventing the tooth decay.

Kids Dentistry treatments

The treatment includes Pit and Fissure Sealants treatment where the dental sealants are applied on the surface of teeth that covers the grooves and protects your child’s teeth from acid attacks and plaque. The perfect age for putting sealant in the child’s mouth is 6 years. The other one is Fluoride treatment in which the fluoride mineral is applied on the child’s teeth with a tray for several minutes to prevent the tooth decay in children. Kids Dentistry also includes the understanding of good oral habits for the proper health of your kid’s mouth. The proper dental care of your kids will let them chew properly, have a perfect shape of the face, speak clearly and avoid further severe dental treatments.