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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry is all about providing the oral health care to your mouth. In general dentistry, we examine your teeth twice a year at the gap of every six months. We provide professional teeth cleaning service to prevent all the oral health issues. It is a simple procedure that includes scaling and polishing of your teeth with an ultrasonic vibrator. Scaling is done for removing the hard tarter such as trapped food and plaque from the teeth, as they contain millions of germs and are the biggest reason for tooth decay. The polishing of teeth is done for cleaning or polishing the teeth from the stains of coffee, tea, wine, etc. This is a single sitting procedure of 40-45 minutes only that everyone should go for.

General Dentistry process

Tooth filling also falls under the general dentistry department. It is done to restore the damaged tooth. In this procedure, we provide a filling to your decayed tooth after cleaning it and close all the off spaces to prevent further decay. Our dentists would suggest you the type of filling you should have according to your clinical situations. If there is any problem detected other than mild tooth decay you have to undergo different treatments like root canal or tooth extraction.