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Orthodontics is a treatment for the shaping of irregular teeth and jawlines. In this treatment different type of braces like metal, ceramic, lingual and invisible aligners are used to correct the shape of crowded teeth, teeth gaps, deep bites, over bites or cross bites. This treatment will also improve the health of jaw bones and facial muscles. This treatment for deformed jaws is different for various age groups. For the facial deformities and growth defect among the children, the Dentofacial orthopedics treatment is done. It is a two-phase treatment that starts when the patient is around 7-8 years old. Twin block, protraction headgear, expansion screw, etc are the various procedures carried out in Dentofacial orthopedics for controlling the unfavorable growth of jaw..

Orthodontics treatment

The braces treatment is given to the young children, teenagers, and adults. The old age people who are suffering from improper bites problem are also given the braces. And at last in the department of Orthodontics, we have Orthognathic surgery for adults who are suffering from facial deformity. You can come to our clinic and get any of this treatment for the correction of your jawline and teeth.